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Swim Report

On a beautiful sunny day in a warm pool in the middle of sydney.

It was the inaugural 100x100m superset, much to the dismay of last years competitors, Charm wrote the program and that means only one thing: Business.

I chose to lead the lane, and in true Charm style we were kept in the dark about the time repeat and tempo of each 10 x100m block until the previous one was completed. Hardest were left to the end when we were spent, grumpy and sore.

2H 1E was a slice of challenge
3H 1E was a cutting reminder of how hard a 10km is possible to be
4H 1E carved the meat from bones

The first 7km were unremarkable: Warm up and drills, fairly standard stuff and up until that point it has been a beautiful autumn morning.
However, curiously the weather started to turn; it became grey, cold and windy. The water became tempestuous, I was no longer lapping up and down the Andrew 'Boy' Charlton pool in the Domain- I was in the English Channel. (Cue dramatic music: Dun Dun Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

"Sprint!" yelled Charm. The tide was turning. "Put your head down Rachael and GO FOR IT."
I compelled myself to go faster, the water got colder and dirtier and "Louise Jane" my support boat was to my right, if I didn't get across this tide I'd be pushed backwards and pulled out.
The ABC pool was a distant memory, "We are in French waters!" I yelled to Michael "I can smell the baguettes!"

3H 1E C'mmon pull it out of the bag Rachael, you have been training too hard and sacrificed too much to slow down now. Focus on the catch! Open your arm pit! Finish your stroke! I can see France, this will NOT slip away from me now, I yelled to myself.

4H 1E I HAVE to get across this tide, slack water isn't far away. But I'm tired I groan to myself, my arms are fatigued and my shoulders are hurting.
Blaaaaaaugggggh I'v started vomiting. Charm's telling me its okay "less to carry" "Keep swimming, you are doing so well" She hasn't left my side the whole time. Forward I swim towards the smell of croissants.

As I'm turning my arms over, feeling the power in my stroke, and the pain in my shoulders I start to think of my family. They have watched me emerge from a fog, weighed down by the black cloud that shrouded my life. I'm doing it for them, doing it for me, doing it for them.
Mum and Dad must be beside themselves watching a tracker in Dover, eagerly waiting for updates from Charm. It's the middle of the night at home Jess, Sam, Nat and Ronnie are following their computer screens. Ada has some idea that her Aunty Rachael is 'schwooming' a long way, and Pickles has been walking around roaring like a lion pretending to be a fish.
I won't let them down, they have been strong for me so that I can now be strong for myself. I get a rush of excitement, and harder I pull.

Finally, I can feel the water going slack-the sun is shining and I can see the bottom. I feel sand under my feet, as my hand touches the wall.

Im well aware that saturday's 100x100 will be a piece of piss compared to the channel crossing.

It's all just become a bit of a reality for me now, I'm actually doing this.

Ps I didn't vom in real life

Author: ~~Rachael Elkaim~~

  • 100x100 start at 6:15am
  • Charm will give you sets of 10x[10x100]
  • Bring pull, paddles, food, drink, vaseline ...
  • have a fun
  • coffee after 50x100's
  • good luck
  • Everyone welcome
    Non Vladswimmers $20


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ABC Pool

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