Bondi Swim

Swim Report

Another 33 swimmers, beautiful morning, clear and relatively flat water, not too hot outside a water temp a bit cooler than Balmoral last weekend at around 20degrees.

Today's swim was going to be a doddle - a mere 6.4km. Some of you would only be just warmed up at the end. It's very weird to think that 6.4 is not a long swim anymore.

Today's aim was to relax, stretch out for the first four laps, come in for a "quick" feed and the do the next 4 fast up easy back. The "quick" feeding did leave a little bit to be desired and hopefully at Rottnest this won't be the case.
Some of the gang decided to swim to Bronte and back which I'm sure they enjoyed but as it was not what we had planned they were on their own. All returned safely.

Tessa who has moved here from Perth joined us, she's doing Rottnest as well, and Matt Z was our other sat newby, he's doing rotto as a duo.

Everyone was pretty happy with their swim, a few niggly shoulders but these should settle down this week. Zoe and Justin must have felt extra good as they had excellent swims in the north Bondi races on Sunday with Zoe being first femal overall in the 2km and 2nd in the 1km.
The main question of the morning was "what did we used to do with our Sats?"

Next week is another nice easy relaxing swim.

Details of swim:

  • 1.5 - 2hours (8-10 laps Bondi)
  • Feeding from the beach after 4 laps
  • One swim lap is around 800m

​Vlad is having a small Birthday party at Maroubra BBQ grass area after 3pm, if you would like to come you are welcome.
Thank you



  • No extra fees to our bronze, silver and gold Vladswim monthly pass holders
  • Multipass holder - one swim deducted from your pass
  • Casual swimmers - $20 per swim 

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

It is NSW’s most popular and best known beach. While this beach is has many danguerous currents and surf, it is very popular among swimmers. It stretches for 800m from Ben Buckler headland to McKenzie Point, giving a good distance for swimming.

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