Bondi Swim

Swim Report

A cooler start for this morning swim for the 23 swimmers that turned up, with the outside temp down around 14 degrees. The water however was almost positively balmy at 21/22 degrees.  Vlad was out on the banana boat and Martin went out kitted in his full scuba gear and underwater camera. The water was crystal clear with reports of being able to see the grains of sand on the bottom all the way.
The aim was to feed every 4 laps which for most was about 45-55 mins, a couple cut the second a bit short so they fed on the 45. For some this was their last hit out before they did South Head the following Sunday so it was good chance to practise their feeding.

Everyone managed to get their feeds done in under a minute which is fantastic.

The water was also a bit choppy so made it a bit of a challenge with there being about 1-2 mins difference between heading North and South. In hindsight it was a pretty good heads up as to what South Head was going to be on the following week. The majority of the guys got the full 4 hours in and all came out raving about the water.
A great swim by all.

1, Group Channel and Marathon swimmers plan 

  • plan for Channel swimmers 4hours swim
  • feeding from the beach
  • suggesting bring support


2, Group Fitness and open water swimmers

  • Start at 7am easy 1.5hour swim
  • Feeding from the beach
  • Relaxed swimming


North Bondi

Bondi Beach

It is NSW’s most popular and best known beach. While this beach is has many danguerous currents and surf, it is very popular among swimmers. It stretches for 800m from Ben Buckler headland to McKenzie Point, giving a good distance for swimming.

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