Bondi Swim

Swim Report

A beautiful day at Bondi on sat and a large group of 27 Vladswimmers came out to play. Water was 21degrees with a small but decent wave running.
No ski out with the guys today but Vlad went out with the newbies and the more experienced guys formed into about 3 packs to swim between 4 and 10 laps.
As it was such a great morning most of Sydney I think was out and about either on surf skis, surf boats, surfboards, foamies, running, walking, and of course swimming.
Very busy all round. Welcome to Andrew H, Felicity M, Alana K, Orla G, 
Marion Dinan Kate L who have either returned or just joined us on Sats

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Main group

- 10 - 12 laps Bondi (8-10km)
- feeding every 4th lap
- Coach on the beach

Beginners group

- 4laps of Bondi 3km
- long easy swim


North Bondi

Bondi Beach

It is NSW’s most popular and best known beach. While this beach is has many danguerous currents and surf, it is very popular among swimmers. It stretches for 800m from Ben Buckler headland to McKenzie Point, giving a good distance for swimming.

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