Brighton Le sands

Swim Report

Smaller numbers this week as several swimmers went off to Manly Dam to swim in cooler water. They managed to get about 17 degrees but we weren’t far off at Brighton with 19 degrees. The water temperature is going down albeit slowly.

There were 7 starters and the water was perfect. Nice and calm, no wind and a gorgeous sunny day. Martin helped us out on the ski as Vlad is away and we set the course as 2 loops, 1 South and 1 North.

The South loop was 2.5km 1 way so a nice solid 5km and with a few less swimmers Martin was able to take feeds for them on the ski. The loop to the north was 3km round trip so the swimmers were able to come onto the beach to feed afterwards. The water was lovely and clear but not much sea life even though there were a couple of fishing boats around trying their luck. The swimmers were lucky to not get snagged at one point. The other obstacle that appears down here are Jet skis. Sometimes OK but more often than not they are driven at top speeds with not much awareness of what else is around them in the water. We only had 2 on Saturday so it wasn’t too bad.

Ross joined us for an hour and a half which was great after his south head swim, Andrew S for just over a couple of hours in which he got 8km done and Scott, Cyril, Rach, Dori and Colleen kept going for the four hours. I monitored stroke rates over the swim and most were pretty consistent which is great. A really good swim by everyone.

4 hours swim for Channel swimmers

  • 3km one loop
  • feeding from the beach
  • Charm coach at the beach checking your SR and swim
  • bring your support 

Open water swimmers

  • 1-2hours swim
  • easy tempo
  • long 3km loop
  • great swim

Brighton-Le-Sands (South)

Brighton-Le-Sands NSW

Brighton-Le Sands Beach occupies the next 1.5 km of shore.
It is popular for many water sports such as swimming and windsurfing.
However it is a place where jetskis are allowed. Therefore the place is best for openwater swimming outside the high season.

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