Brighton Le Sands, Botany Bay

Swim Report

OK so the weather had been and was still average so the Vladswim Sat swim was moved to Boy Charlton Pool. This didn't seem to deter many and we had a roll up of 16 people of which 13 did the full 100x100. This was a first for this distance for Anna D, Karl, Fiona, Matilda which was great and a good confidence booster leading into the South Head swim in may. Julie K even managed 9km which was pretty good since she did her usual and turned up 30 mins in. I may have used my gentle persuasion methods to get her to do the final 400. I'm sure you get a visual of me at the end of the pool with my stick.

Marty stayed in and got his tally to 15, Peter D got to 45 for the week and as I sit here under my brolly at the pool John Jameson is still swimming

into his 8th hour and just over 21km   done with another  6 to go. At least
I won't be sunburnt today.

Things learnt today were:

Yes you do need  a bit more than just water to swim that far I can swim a sub 130 at the end of 10km Between 7-8km is very hard mentally.

Coffee tastes fantastic after 5km of swimming ( see photo) It's amazing what I can achieve if my brain is in the right spot and I have a team around me for support.

A fantastic effort by everyone today. Well done and rest day tomorrow and back to pool for easy session on Monday.

Coach Charm for the Vladswim team

Our next ocean swim will be from Brighton Le Sands beach

Details of swim: swim from 1 hour to 5 hours 
Coaches:   Vlad and Charm
What to bring:  Vladswim club togs (if you have one), goggles, cap, sun cream, waiver form (if you didn’t bring one before)
Water temperature:      approx. 18 degrees Celsius
Weather forecast:          top of 21 degrees Celsius, mostly sunny

See you there!
Vladswim team

Brighton Le Sands, Botany Bay

Brighton Le Sands

Brighton-Le Sands Beach occupies the next 1.5 km of shore.
It is popular for many water sports such as swimming and windsurfing.
However it is a place where jetskis are allowed. Therefore the place is best for openwater swimming outside the high season.

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Average Temp.



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