Coogee Beach (5km to 4 hours swim)

Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 07:00
Meeting point:
North Bondi Beach
Weather Condition:
Water Condition:
What to bring:
the usual, nutrition, drink and smile
Waiver form:

No waiver no swim!

Date:                    13th May 2017 from 7:00am 
Meeting:              South Googee at 6:40am
Coaches:             Vlad and Martin

Weather:             13-22 °C, Possible Shower  
Surf Condition:  ENE 1m swell, 20 °C

Open Water Swimmers

Triathlon, Fitness and Beginners
- South Head swimmers 5km swim ($20)  
- 1.5 hour swim - finish at 8:30am
- Good swim pace
Casuals, Bronze pass holders: $20
Silver pass holders: no extra charge

Multipass holder - one swim deducted from your multi-pass

Marathon Open Water swimmers
Distance, Channel swimmers
-  4 hour swim - finish at 11am ($30)
- Feeding form Kayak
- Gold pass no charge 
- Vlad support 

Casuals, Bronze, Silver pass and multi-pass holders: $30
Gold pass holders: no extra charge

Familiarize yourself with ocean swim fee schedule!!!
Please, check out our fees for Saturday swims 
There is an extra payment for long ocean swim. All Channel
swimmers should therefore be on Vladswim Gold Pass.

Casual fees:
$20 up to 2 hours, $30 Up to 4 hours
$40 up to 6 hours, $60 Special event 8 hours swim
Multi-Pass holders:
one session deducted from multi pass only for swim up to 2 hours
$30 up to 4 hours, $40 up to 6 hours,
$60 Special event 8 hours swim
Silver Pass holders:
Up to 2 hours swim only
$30 up to 4 hours, $40 up to 6 hours,
$60 Special event 8 hours swim
Gold Pass holders:
Up to 6 hours 
$60 Special event 8 hours swim

North Bondi

Bondi Beach

It is NSW’s most popular and best known beach. While this beach is has many danguerous currents and surf, it is very popular among swimmers. It stretches for 800m from Ben Buckler headland to McKenzie Point, giving a good distance for swimming.

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Average Temp.



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