La Perouse Swim

Swim Report

On a pretty average morning we had 21 swimmers turn up at La Perouse for an easy 6km swim. It's a bit strange to think that nowadays a 6km swim is classified as an easy swim. None of this 2-3km swimming, nothing less than 5 for the Vladswim team. Conditions were lake-like, still and rain was limited to a constant drizzle. Water still a lot cooler that Rottnest will be, still 20-21 degrees here and 24 odd degrees there.

Vlad was out on the banana boat and the feed station was there and we had some practicing feeding from their drink bottle on a rope which is the simplest way to feed from a boat or kayak in an open water swim. Justin wore his Rottnest outfit to give it a test run and when out with his clothes on over the top of his leggings and with a brolly did a very good impression of Mary Poppins. Dan decided a week before he was paddling from Rotto he should do at least half an hour on the kayak next to her.  Nothing like overtraining for something.

I took stroke rates of people out there and after comparing them to ones I've taken in previous sessions including last Weds anaerobic set, it showed the everyone was pretty well spot on for Rottnest or for those who are not heading to Perth, pretty consistent throughout the 6km. Shows us that the hard work from a couple of weekends ago and the pool sessions have resulted in everyone being ready for a strong endurance swim, easily being about to complete the 20km at a good solid pace.

Best of luck to those heading to Perth, you are all completely ready to have a fantastic swim, please don't underestimate your ability and hold too much back. For those staying I think Cyril is organising something at Bondi for those who want to join him but otherwise there will be no Vladswim sat swim.

  • Short swim from 5-6km swim
  • Feeding from beach or Kayak
  • Vlad will bring 2 kayaks for your support
  • Last ocean swim before Rottnest
  • Practise your feeding and swimming pace


Fees for 2 hours

  • No extra fees to our bronze, silver and gold Vladswim monthly pass holders
  • Multi pass holder - one swim deducted from your pass
  • Casual swimmers - $20 per swim 

La Perouse, Congwong Bay

La Perouse NSW

Is located on the northern entrance to Botany Bay adjacent to La Perouse.
The 500 m wide bay is bordered by Henry Head to the east and Bare Island in the west.
There are two beaches (one is known by nudists, but don't tell anyone) that are separated by 200 m of rocky shore and both within the Botany Bay National Park.
Swimming is very pleasant with gentle surf and beautiful and peacul scenery of national park.

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