Redleaf Pool

Swim Report

For almost 2 months we haven’t had Saturday swims. It was nice for our coaches and swimmers to have a break. Swimmers during that time were still swimming by themselves which allowed them to swim without any coaching pressures and to relax and enjoy their swimming.

The first swim back we organized at Murray Rose Pool (Redleaf) in the harbour. Meeting time was at 6:45am and swim start at 7am. Open water coach Charm and coach Vlad set up the program for all 14 swimmers.

Weather condition was fantastic, nice warm air temperature and no wind and the water wasn’t bad either.

In the group of swimmers we had old familiar swimmers and also new swimming faces. It was nice to see swimmers from faster lane - Doug, Dave, Conrad, Cyril, Chris and Daniel. Also John, Rob, Wendy, Fi, Kayla, Dean and Marty did great job and enjoyed easy Saturday swim.

New swimmer was Viviana. She was swimming for her first time in open water. After session she start feeling so well and thanks to coaches she found herself relaxed in the water during the swim great job.

Six long loops around made 1.5km warm up in 18°C degrees water. After a good warm up, Vlad joined the swim group and followed the program. The session continued by sprint side-kick across the pool and swim around back. Kick and swim back we repeated 6 times.  The next set of the session was 4 loops around with changing power of the stroke 20 to 10. All swimmers were feeling strong stroke and relaxed shoulders. At the end of the session we finished session with 6 sprint swims across the pool

 More than 1 hour went so quickly and we had great session to start fantastic Saturday. Of course we didn’t miss our breakfast with both coaches. We were talking about Channel swim and shared great experiences from Europe.

Charm: - it was great to be back and have a nice cruisey session to start our open water season with. I’m really looking forward to working with you all to achieve your Open Water Goals this season.

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Details of swim:

  • 1.5 hour swim - 250m loop
  • swim plus swimming skills
  • stay for a brekky after swim - to welcome our open water coach Charm back



For short swim up to 2 hours

  • no extra fees to our bronze, silver and gold Vladswim monthly pass holders
  • multipass holders - one swim deducted from your pass
  • casual swimmers - $20 per swim


Murray Rose Pool (Redleaf pool)

Redleaf Pool (Murray Rose Pool)

This harbourside tidal enclosure (previously known as Redleaf Pool) is popular with all age groups and can be crowded on weekends in summer. The enclosure provides a swimming area of approximately 90m x 60m.

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