Shelly to Freshwater pool

Swim Report

The day was warm so we needed to feed every 40 mins. To do this we loaded up the 5 kayaks that were supporting with the required fluids. The course was from Shelly in a relatively straight line to Freshwater pool and back which was approx. 4.6km so a stop at the pool to refuel was great timing. With the kayaks out it meant the swimmers were able to practice their deep-water feeding.
22 out of the 31 completed 14km with times ranging between 3hours 15 mins to 4 hours 55 mins. As most of these guys were backing up from a Friday Fast 50’s set from the morning before, there were a lot of very tired looking people when they finished. Some were a little bit disappointed with how they felt but after reminding them that they would have still been tired from Friday’s session and that it was a hard week in the pool they were a bit happier. Also as the morning wore on the conditions became a lot harder especially on the way to Freshwater.
A big thankyou to the kayakers out there especially our newbys Mal (Jais Brother) and Andrew (lucis partner) and Aaron (Chris’s mate) for all your help. Alex was again magnificent and we were kind to her this week and gave her a ski that floated, and of course Vlad on his banana boat.
A great swim from all of the guys whether they did 1, 2, or 3 laps and hopefully they all went home to eat drink and have a well-earned rest. Still a couple of weeks of hard work to do.

  • Goal is swim 4xlaps Shelly beach to Freshwater pool (3km), pluse more
  • swim distance 12-13km swim
  • Bring paddler for support if you can
  • there will be 5 support kayaks 
  • Feeding from kayak
  • Practising swim tempo and feeding

Fees for up to 2h swim (short swim):

  • No extra fees to our bronze, silver and gold Vladswim monthly pass holders
  • Multi pass holders - one swim deducted from your pass
  • Casual swimmers - $20 per swim / 2 hours swim

Fees for 2h to 4h swim (long swim):

  • No extra fees to our silver and gold Vladswim monthly pass holders
  • Bronze pass - $20 extra
  • Multi-pass holders – 2 sessions deducted
  • Casual - $40

Shelly beach

Shelly beach

Shelly Beach is protected from the ocean swell by the reef that lies on the right hand side of the beach (when facing the ocean) and faces west. Facilities include 2 free electric barbecues, showers, toilets and a kiosk selling meals, drinks and ice cream. There is a restaurant on the beach called Le Kiosk. There is a bush track around the headland offering spectacular views of the Northern Beaches and North Head. The facilities also include parking at the rate of $8.00 an hour.

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